Pastoral Counseling and Testing

Nobody taught you how to be married. It is a simple fact that other than living in our own families and using them as models, few folks really have any training in couple relationships.

Whether there are issues to be discussed, or you just want to prepare for a sound marriage you can count on Remembrance Weddings. We have years of experience in relationship building, strengthening and counseling with couples.

Not your typical pastoral counseling on religion and your relationship, our association with Relationship Counseling Associates allows us to offer various forms of testing and counseling to give your marriage the best possible start.

One which is particularly relevant to couples is “Heart to Heart.” This computer driven test facilitates the couple knowing each other better and reveals topics for discussion in the twelve critical areas that cause problems for relationships.

The sessions that follow the testing are designed to help the couples communicate more effectively, solve misunderstandings and build a stronger relationship.

Other available testing will identify your personality type, temperament and learning and communications styles to facilitate better understanding and communication with your partner.

This is not a requirement for us to perform your ceremony, We recommend it to all our clients.

Ask yourself this question: Who Taught You How to Make a Marriage Work?

The sorry fact is that nobody did. A successful marriage starts with love. But it requires skills to make it last. And in most cases nobody taught you what those skills are and how to make them work in your relationship.

To better their chances for success, couples need training in 12 specific areas. How to negotiate power in the relationship; how to fight fair; parenting and discipline; family and friends; sex and intimacy; finances and goals; are just some of the skills you need to go the distance.

We can provide pastoral counseling and training in relationship building prior to or after the ceremony to help couples strengthen their relationship.

This is not a requirement for us to perform your wedding ceremony. But we recommend marital counseling to all our clients….even if you choose to get it elsewhere.

Most marriage counselors will tell you that by the time most couples come to therapy they have built up resentment and walls which will never go away.

A better approach is to get the skills you need and counseling early before little things become big ones. We are experienced at helping you strengthen your relationship before or after your wedding. We love it when our couples live “happily ever after.”

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