Elegant Foundations - Pre-written Wedding Ceremonies St. Louis

Poolside Presentation of the Bride

If you’re looking for a pretty wedding, but don’t want to pay for a custom wedding. A wedding that is inexpensive but includes:​

  • Procession and Recession on the wedding party and family
  • Presentation of the Bride (some folks call it Giving Away the Bride)

Elegant Foundations Wedding ceremonies are about 15-20 minutes in length and cover all the standard items of a wedding without the cost of a ceremony custom written for you.

These are beautifully written, sure to impress your guests and available in both religious and non-religious. You can too select from Traditional tone or light and pretty. Elegant Foundations Ceremonies are $250.

Need a location? Let’s talk about Churches and other possible venues, both indoor and outdoor. I have some wonderful suggestions!

Additionally, with a Elegant Foundations ceremony, you get to choose the officiant clothing, whether you want casual, robes, or coat and tie. You can choose the color of the robe and stole. See choices Here. I also have a stand that I bring to support the ambiance; you may have your choice of color velvet used for covering the stand, also.

All Elegant Foundations ceremonies come with a bound 4 color copy of your ceremony and a Certificate of Marriage as keepsakes of your special day.