Same Sex Ceremony Pro

Until early in 2019, I never had done a Same Sex Wedding. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t do them. I had received a few phone inquiries, but no same sex couples had ever selected me. Then came the Covid pandemic and everything changed. After the Supreme Court decision on Same Sex weddings, some courthouses stopped doing courthouse weddings. Some because of the pandemic, but others because they didn’t want to do Same Sex Weddings.

First came a series of lady couples, and a lady and trans couple. Then I married a couple of guys. I get more lady couples than male couples, at this point. It may level out in the long run.

I’ve done about a dozen Same Sex Weddings in the last 3 years. They are a little different from male female couples. Mostly in pronouns and phrasing. But they really are not much different than marrying heterosexual couples.

The secret is pretty similar to weddings with heterosexual ceremonies. Listen to the couple. Give them the ceremony that makes the special day of their union, even more special. At this point, I’m becoming a same sex wedding pro.

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