At your wedding ceremony all eyes are on three people

The bride, the groom and the minister.

A  wedding is a significant event in anyone’s life.  I am always amazed by the folks who shop for the cheapest minister rather than the best.  They call and instead of trying to learn about the services and ministers their only question is “What is the price? ”

It reminds me of the joke about the astronaut climbing aboard the rocket about to take him into space who said, ” I understand that I face incredible odds and many unforeseen dangers as I climb into this rocket, knowing full well that every nut, screen, O- ring, seal and gasket was selected because it had the cheapest price.”

Considering that the cost of the officiate or minister is one of the cheapest elements of the wedding, it is my belief that selecting your minister by price alone,  is an unwise way of thinking. I’ll admit I am not the cheapest officiate in town so maybe I’m prejudiced.  For the record…. I’m not the most expensive either.

If you are looking for a wedding minister my advice to you is remember the headline on this blog.

At your wedding all eyes are on three people. Your choice of minister is more important than an upgrade in the reception costs for seat covers, or whether the buffet choice is roast beef over chicken.

Because a year after your wedding no one will remember whether they ate roast beef or chicken or whether they seats had covers or not.

But if the minister doesn’t provide a ceremony that is Beautiful…. Meaningful…. and Memorable it probably won’t be remembered at all or perhaps will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.  And we guarantee it isn’t a Remembrance Wedding, or one done by one of our associate companies….. WedXpress and EZ-Wed Elopement Services.

Because of our mission and our money back guarantee is that we will provide you a Romantic Personal Wedding Ceremony You’ll Remember Forever…. Beautiful…. Meaningful…. Memorable.

But if cheap is what you seek, go on line and get a friend ordained by the Church of What’s Happening Now, or some other outfit that will make you a minister (of sorts) for free. I’m sure your friend can come up with just the right words, rituals et al to make a perfect wedding.

In some states there are suits that have been filed that contend that weddings performed by such ministers are not valid.  I doubt that the courts will side with that point of view…separation of church and state.  The lawyer fees to prove it one way or another won’t be a lot of money I’m sure.  Just be sure to look for a lawyer with “cheap” in the ad.

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