Planning the Perfect Remembrance Wedding

Information on this page applies to full service ceremonies by Remembrance Custom Weddings only and does not apply to WedXpress or Elegant Foundations Services.

There are two ways that we can put together the Remembrance Weddings Custom ceremony:

Method One – Phone/Video Chat

99% of our clients prefer the convenience of planning the ceremony together over the phone. After decades of planning and pleasing happy couples we have developed a series of questions about wedding choices designed to help you decide just what YOU want for your special day, providing the details of the type and tone of the ceremony, along with the rituals and/or other special touches that make it beautiful and memorable.​

  • This planning session helps us shape a “snapshot” of what you want in the ceremony.
  • This snapshot is documented on the wedding agreement so that you can confirm we captured exactly what you want.
  • You get to review the first draft of the wedding ceremony text, a month in advance, ensuring that the ceremony is organized the way you want it, has the right tone and is just what you are looking for.​

​If you prefer, at no additional charge, we will be glad to talk and plan with you in a half hour meeting via Skype. If you do not have a Skype account all it takes is about five minutes to set up and a video camera on your computer.

Method Two – Meet in Person

There are couples that want to meet in person. Over the years we have found that often those who want an in person meeting, want to be more hands on in the preparation of the ceremony. They wish to choose from our library of readings, vows, prayers and construct much of the ceremony themselves. All of this takes a lot of time.

In this instance, we meet and review all of the options, which I bring on a laptop computer, and choose each segment of the ceremony. This often takes several hours of work together. We charge a fee of $50.00 per hour for in person meetings for the first 2 hours, $75 an hour after that. This is not included in our normal ceremony fees.

We are not adverse to this method of planning the ceremony, it just comes down to a matter of time required.

You have selected us… what’s next?

Once you notify us that we have been selected to be your officiant, we will email our Wedding Services Agreement detailing what we talked about regarding your ceremony. The agreement also details our responsibilities to each other. We can also mail the agreement to you if you don’t have an email address.

Once we receive the agreement with your signature and the retainer, we will put your ceremony on our calendar.

About 30 days in advance of your ceremony we may call you to go over any last minute questions. At this time we will write your ceremony and send it to you to review. You will be able make any changes in vows, readings, etc. at this time. We ask that you send it back to us within 7 days of receiving it.

We will make any requested changes and send back for another review in the event of any significant changes. Once the final copy has been approved we will prepare a bound copy of the ceremony for us to use during the service. You will also receive a keepsake bound copy of the wedding text and four color certificate of marriage.