Staging, Furnishings & Appearance, for your Wedding Ceremony

Furnishings and Color Coordination on this page does NOT apply to WedXpress ceremonies.

With the Elegant Foundations and Remembrance Custom Weddings we provide little extras in clothing including matching clothing, robes, stoles and table dressings complementary to the color scheme of your wedding. Elegant Foundations clients and Remembrance Custom Wedding clients allow the couple to choose the officiant clothing. We can dress appropriately for your ceremony, formal or informal.

Photos of tuxedos, suits, sport coat, robes with stoles and casual wear are shown throughout the site. There is a Tuxedo Rental charge if you’d like us to wear a tuxedo. Or we can dress to match any theme. If we have clothing to match your theme there is no additional charge. If we need to purchase items we will contact you with the cost, prior to purchase.​

For informal non-religious weddings couples may choose casual pants and shirts, jeans or shorts and a shirt; or, if more formal they can choose sport coat, pants, shirt and tie.

A favorite for religious weddings is one of the robes shown with a choice of a stole. Another option is a sport coat, pants, shirt and tie worn with your choice of a ministerial stole (shown below). Yes we do wear shoes and socks, unless you request otherwise. ​

Non-religious Table Sculpture

We don’t just show up and read. Part of our services we include at no charge is providing the right decorum to meet your needs and desires. This attention to detail is one of the many things that wedding planners tell us that separates us from our competitors.

Staging & Furnishings

For a religious custom Remembrance Weddings ONLY, we come prepared with an altar, pulpit, cross (Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant,) candles and more.

For non-religious Remembrance Wedding ceremonies ONLY, we will be prepared with a podium and tables. If you like we also can provide candles and a non-religious table sculpture if you desire.

Color Coordination

In an Elegant Foundations simple ceremony, or a custom Remembrance Wedding we bring a Pulpit/podium with velvet covering to coordinate with your wedding colors; you can choose the color velvet shown below.

We offer pulpit/podium and altar/table (custom Remembrance Wedding ceremonies only) velvet dressings in burgundy, black, gray, Kelly green, chocolate brown, cardinal red and royal blue. See photos below for examples of our seven standard colors.

White Cotton is also available. Because the white table dressings often look soiled after one use there is an additional fee of $75.00 for white cotton table and lectern dressings. Additionally clients may provide custom table and lectern dressings of their own design and manufacture at no additional charge.

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  • Elegant Foundations ceremonies include color coordination and a stand/lectern with velvet.

  • Full-service custom ceremonies include both color coordination and furnishings.