Set the Tone for your Ceremony

Up front I need to clarify that most of the topics in the WedNewsDay blog are things that are important in planning the type of wedding we call “Pretty and Planned.” These generally are 25-30 minute weddings that allow enough time to make the wedding personal to the couple. This wedding is often accompanied by bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests. Choices in this type of ceremony are almost endless but don’t worry, we have 20 years experience as the Premier St. Louis Wedding Officiants helping you make your ceremony “just what you want.”

Personally I think everyone deserves a 25 minute wedding, but I have learned that a fair number of folks really do want a wedding that is “short and sweet.” so we gladly provide them.

Remembrance Weddings also does weddings we refer to as “Short and Sweet,” or our WedXpress services. These weddings are 7-10 minutes long, not enough time to do much more than cover the basics. We do this with beautiful words but there isn’t enough time or frankly enough fee involved for a lot of customization. These weddings are often just the couple and a few witnesses. Our short and sweet weddings are not “courthouse weddings.” Our words are pretty and meaningful. Your choices in this service are limited 1. non religious or religious  2. With an exchange of rings or without an exchange of rings.

This week I want to talk about setting the tone you want your wedding to have. Again we are talking about the Pretty and Planned type ceremony.

Tone? What is he talking about tone?

Most weddings have pretty much the same tone.  In the past most weddings were religious and governed by the policies of whichever church was celebrating. The tone was SERIOUS. Today most wedding ceremonies are pretty traditional and serious.

Before I go further let me say I’m a big believer that a wedding and marriage is one of life’s significant events, and that  your ceremony should reflect that.

But a wedding can still be significant and have a tone other than traditional. Weddings can also be very pretty, and memorable, even filled with humor. We do them all the time.

So think about the tone that represents who the two of you are as a couple. And we will gladly make it happen for you.

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