Why should you choose Remembrance Weddings?

If you can dream it we can do it!

​Information on this page applies to full service ceremonies by Remembrance Weddings only and does not apply to mini weddings by WedXpress or Elegant Foundations Elopement Services.

Remembrance Weddings are our most beautiful ceremonies. Custom written after a planning session with the two of you. Carefully written to be exactly what you are looking for. They are beautiful, memorable and meaningful. Don’t take our word for it… our clients will tell you it is true.

What’s your perfect ceremony look like?

  • A non religious, civil, or secular ceremony
  • A traditional ceremony
  • A personal ceremony with custom vows and rituals
  • Non traditional but memorable
  • A traditional religious ceremony
  • A non-traditional but religious ceremony
  • An inter-faith ceremony with elements of more than one faith
  • Or maybe a combination of elements from several of the above.
  • Or something totally different.

Whatever your preference, you can trust the ministers/officiants at Remembrance Weddings to make your special day exactly what you want. Just as we have done for over 1,000 happy couples in 24+ years. The vast majority of our weddings are quiet, thoughtful, meaningful ceremonies made special to our clients by personalizing it to their desires, but not all of them. We offer other ceremony options to further customize your special day.

Interested in a Theme Wedding?

Want to be wed in a poodle skirt with the groom in jeans, a white t-shirt and black leather jacket? We did a ceremony built around the lyrics of songs popular in the 50’s and 60’s for radio station Jukebox 96. They liked it so well they broadcast the ceremony live on the air.

How about a wedding in cowboy duds? We created services for multiple years of “Shotgun Weddings” for 93.7 The Bull, and married their contest winners. Want to kick it up a notch and be married on horseback… no problem.

Want to be married at a concert when your favorite artist is about to go on stage… and you don’t mind 18,000 guests? One of the couples wanting us to marry them felt that the Moody Blues were instrumental in their getting together. We did a wedding ceremony at the amphitheater (then known as Riverport,) prior to the Moody Blues concert, with Moody Blues lyrics making up a large part of the ceremony .

Want a lighthearted, humorous ceremony where the guests can’t help but laugh? We created a ceremony which “advised the couple of their rights!” at the start. The ceremony was still pretty and meaningful… but we added some laughs along the way… including a reading from Dr. Seuss. The guests will never forget this one… and came up and told us so.

These wedding services are not typical, indeed most of our services are more “traditional,” but they illustrate that Remembrance Weddings can be whatever you need to make the day as “special as it can be.”