Religious Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ministers

Whether you want a religious wedding ceremony that is heavy on religion or one with just a touch of religion, Remembrance Weddings has wedding ministers able to give you just what you are looking for. Reverend Million is the founder of the Spiritual Growth Fellowship, an interfaith church. All of our wedding ceremony officiants are ordained in Christian and Inter-Faith denominations.

Reverend Million was first ordained in 1994. A recognized leader in the interfaith ministry movement; Reverend Million has been ordained in both Protestant and Catholic (Orthodox) Christian Churches, as well as several inter-faith denominations. Following his ecumenical philosophy, Reverend Million served as Bishop for the 110 ministers in the State of Missouri for the Church of Seven Planes, an inter-faith church. Study of the world’s major religions led Reverend Million to be awarded the Doctor of Divinity. Reverend Million serves as the Moderator for the United Fellowship of Interfaith Ministers, the international organization which is made up of more than 300 ministries and churches of all the major (and many smaller) religions worldwide. He has been ordained in Catholic, Protestant and Interfaith churches.

In 2012, He retired as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Gabriel, for 19* US states for the Holy Order of Saint Raphael, an international Apostolic (Orthodox) Catholic order. His ordination as Archbishop is documented through the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches and can be traced to the Disciples of Christ. Both Reverend Million and the Holy Order of Saint Raphael are Christian in their foundation but maintain an ecumenical philosophy.

*Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

Inter-Faith Weddings

We are comfortable officiating over a ceremony which mixes customs from people of different national origins, ethnicity or religion. The Spiritual Growth Fellowship doctrine recognizes that most of the world’s religions share many of the same basic tenets and we respect the rights of others to worship God in their own way.

We have done many inter-faith weddings and have incorporated rituals from other cultures into our ceremonies. In our capacity of head of the United Fellowship of Interfaith Ministers, we have a library of such customs and rituals to draw upon in the construction of your service. We have conducted services mixing Christian with Buddhist, Muslim, and Jewish customs and traditions. If you are interested in a religious wedding, whether deeply religious or “religious lite,” Remembrance Weddings has the capability to give you just the wedding you are looking for.

Bride and groom in traditional Indian clothing

Our wedding clergy have performed hundreds of religious wedding services in many denominations of the Christian faith, including Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant denominations including Episcopalian, Chaldean, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Coptic, Methodist and more. We have a wealth of experience in performing inter-faith religious weddings between Christian and Jewish, Christian and Muslim, Christian and Buddhist wedding couples.

We offer Religious weddings for clients at all ceremony levels, Remembrance Custom Weddings, Elegant Foundations Simple Ceremonies and WedXpress, our “short and sweet” Intimate Courthouse Alternative Weddings. For faster reservation of your date or more info call us at 636-925-1703.