Non Religious Weddings

Justice of the Peace Ceremonies

Maybe you were once religious but haven’t been to church in years, or maybe you have never been religious. Maybe you and your spouse are of different religions and trying to do a religious ceremony would cause too many issues with families.

You want a ceremony which is pretty, full of the love that you feel for each other, a romantic wedding, not just dry secular language.

Romantic Non Religious Ceremonies

All three of our weddings offer beautiful, romantic, and meaningful weddings filled with language from great writers, poets and philosophers; regardless of the level picked.

​Not just a standard “Justice of the Peace” wedding ceremony, Remembrance Weddings wedding officiants offers you just the ceremony to complete your dreams of your special day, without filling it with religion.

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We offer Non Religious “Justice of the Peace” style weddings for all three ceremony types, our “short and sweet” Intimate Courthouse Alternative Weddings, Elegant Foundations Simple Ceremonies, and Custom written Remembrance Weddings. For faster reservation of your date or more info call us at 636-925-1703. ​