Another Way to Use Video in Your Wedding

We are seeing video used in more and more weddings these days preserving your ceremony in its entirety so that you can look at it later and provide copies to your family, friends, your dog groomer. We’ve worked with many fine videographers and have seen many great video records of that special day.

But there is another way to use video that you might not think of, and your other videographer may not be prepared to provide so they don’t promote it.

Over the years we’ve had many couples who had a beloved relative that could not attend the ceremony because they were in a hospital, nursing home etc. Now it is possible to set up additional video to stream your wedding exactly as it is happening through the internet and be easily accessed by that great aunt, father or grandfather too ill to attend.

It works to connect and share to groups of family and friends who can’t attend due to distance, out of town, across the country or around the world.

We have an experienced provider of video streaming services who will turn your special wedding day into “an international event.”

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