Jefferson County Wedding Officiants

If you’re wedding planning and looking to celebrate in the Jefferson County area, Remembrance Weddings will create a meaningful and memorable ceremony for you and your loved one! Whether you want an intimate civil ceremony or a traditional religious ceremony, we offer numerous services depending on your preference. It’s your special day, so our officiants are here to help make it a dream!

Non-Religious and Justice of the Peace Officiants for Wedding Ceremonies of Jefferson County

If you were once religious, but are no longer comfortable having a religious wedding ceremony, then planning for a non-religious ceremony would be an excellent option for you! During a non-religious ceremony, we need to focus on the couple and give them just as much attention as a religious wedding would. Whether you choose to have a larger ceremony or a more intimate ceremony, there is no question that it will be beautiful, romantic, and meaningful!

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies in St. Jefferson County

We believe that love is love, and we’d be honored to perform your wedding ceremony. As long as you have a marriage license, our officiants can perform any ceremony from religious to a justice of the peace ceremony. It’s your special day, and we’re here to make it happen!

Jefferson County County Elopement Officiants

If you have a set spot that you want to get married to your loved one, eloping could be the best ceremony for you. Eloping is a quick 7-10-minute ceremony and includes all the details of a larger ceremony like a wedding bouquet for the bride, 30 digital photos of your wedding (must be taken in 30 minutes) given to you on a flash drive, bound copy of your wedding ceremony personalized with your names and date, and a four-color certificate of marriage. You choose where you want to elope, and we’ll assist with providing the rest!

Custom Wedding Ceremonies in Jefferson County

At Remembrance Weddings, our staff consists of ordained ministers who will ensure that your wedding ceremony is a dream come true! Our weddings remain meaningful to both the couples and guests who attend the ceremony. We offer romantic personal wedding ceremonies, interfaith wedding ceremonies, religious and non-religious civil/secular wedding ceremonies for your special day.

We even offer additional ceremony options including interpreters for your guests and reading personal vows to make your ceremony more special. Are you interested in creating your dream ceremony? Give us a call at 636-925-1703 or 888-521-8146.