Franklin County Wedding Officiants

Are you planning your wedding? If so, congratulations! If you’re living near Franklin County and are looking to plan a unique and customizable wedding, the officiants at Remembrance Weddings are here to help! Our officiants will make your special day one you’ll always remember.

Franklin County Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies

Are you looking to plan a same-sex wedding? Well, look no further! As long as you have a marriage license, our officiants would love to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony. You can customize your service just how you want it, whether it be religious or a non-traditional justice of the peace! We’re here to help make your dream wedding a reality.

Plan Your Custom Wedding in Franklin County

Your wedding should be a day that you and your loved one will cherish forever. That’s why we offer a selection of meaningful ceremonies like personal, romantic ceremonies, interfaith wedding ceremonies, religious and non-religious civil/secular wedding ceremonies for your special day!

Are you interested in having multiple ministers at your ceremony? We have both male and female ministers available to perform different parts of your ceremony! Check out our full list of custom wedding services that include translators, music choices, and locations, among others.

Non-Religious and Justice of the Peace Officiants for Wedding Ceremonies in Franklin County

​If you and your loved one share different religious backgrounds and prefer to keep religion out of your wedding, you’ll probably prefer a non-religious wedding ceremony. During these ceremonies, our officiants focus solely on the relationship between the couple. You can customize your wedding to make it a personal ceremony filled with love, beauty, and romance.

Franklin County Elopement Officiants

We understand that planning a traditional wedding ceremony isn’t everyone’s style. That’s why our officiants offer elopement ceremonies for you and your loved one. Elopement ceremonies are quick, yet personal and can take place wherever you’d like! We can even share some of the same benefits as a larger wedding by adding a bouquet for the bride, 30 digital photos of your wedding (must be taken in 30 minutes) given to you on a flash drive, bound copy of your wedding ceremony personalized with your names and date, and a four-color certificate of marriage.

Are you looking to have your wedding in Missouri or any of the cities within Franklin County? Our officiants would love to marry you and your best friend! Give us a call at 636-925-1703 or 888-521-8146.